Weight Loss with Sprig!

It is often said that a good diet is the majority of the reason for being able to lose weight, in many cases it has been said that 80% of losing weight is based on your diet. While I do not make any medical claims on this statement,  I can say that on my weight loss journey this seems to make sense.

While being a few weeks into an 8 week weightloss challenge I have been lucky to have partnered with Sprig for my meals. Sprig brings you delicious meals, prepared by chefs who know how to make clean food taste great. All you have to do is tap a button and get food that shows up right at your door, hot and ready to eat.

Yes, that is correct I am losing weight by eating from an orgainc food delvery service. While the food is not the only reason… I am working out and drinking a ton of water, but  as I said before the food is a MAIN component.

I wanted to post this update as many of you have asked me about Sprig and my meals as well as have inquired about how the food actually tastes.

Once I am done with the challenge I will post my weight loss results, until then here have been some of my Sprig meals.

Also, if you would like to try Sprig for yourself here is $10 to get you started. Happy Eating!



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