Turning 30

I woke up this morning as a 30 year old woman. I am going to be honest and say I shed a tear. However, I am not sure if it’s about turning 30….. I think my 20’s were amazing and my 30’s have a lot to live up to. I am so very blessed for this life of mine, and I often don’t say that or truly appreciate what I have and the amazing people around me, so hopefully this post will recognize some of you. The only way I could look back is a memorable moment of that year. The great thing about that is I have been on Facebook for 10 years and just realised all of my 20’s are displayed on facebook, how cool is that. I do apologize for the length.

First and foremost my parents who birthed me get props Paula and Alex. Pops, I also could not have asked for a better dad than you!

2005 20- I moved to Chicago, moved in with my craigslist roomie and lobe Shelley and spent many a crazy night being underage going out with Kevin and Darin with my fake ID. My amazing trip to Israel with Steve.

2006 21- Finally 21 and had an awesome birthday trip to Vegas compliments of Mom. Legal to go out in Chicago. Started my first startup. First crazy trip to Ireland out with Ryan and Barry. I met my birthday Twin Nancy

2007 22- So many fun times with Shelley, Barry, Nancy and Mike Gavrick. Oh and Katie moved to the city! I love you all. Memorable trip to Martha’s VIneyard with Toby.

2008 23- Second crazy trip to Ireland with Katie, Kevin and Ryan. Crazy Vegas trip with Katie, Meghan, Kristen. Met my love MICHAEL BIANCA and started dating August 20th 2008.

2009 24- Lots of fun vacations with my love. Startup Life with ChiTownDeals and my office on Orleans. TONS OF HARD WORK

2010 25- Living on Erie in what we thought was a mansion with Nancy, Sean, and other randoms 🙂 Softball days of fun, always showing up late and driving Howard nuts 🙂 Startup Drama, Selling ChiTownDeals. Living on the lake with an amazing view. Joined incubator started Mix Media. I got my iphone4 with a front camera. Birth of Jess Selfies this year. I started blogging and we had the birth of @SocialtechPop.

2011 26- 12 Ladies and a Vegas trip oh and a Nashville Trip (Katie, Megan, Suzy, Kristin, Jenni, Colleen, Tanya, Kristin, Veronica) Birth of the start of creating @DressCodeable with the help of Neal! We got our Casey girl 🙂

2012 27- Ed and I had a successful run with Kambio Group this year. We became published authors with Pearson with a huge Thanks to Dylan, Kristin, Justin, Anna.  Living in the loft was interesting.

2013 28- Keynote Speaker at Internetworld in Stockholm, Sweden. Amazing ski trip in Sweden with my love. Sold Kambio group. Started working at Legacy and had amazing times traveling with Pernod Ricard for Absolut Vodka Stuga Tour. Fun times with @ben

2014 29- Last year of my 20’s. I took the year off and did a whole lot of nothing. It was amazing! Traveled Europe and made amazing memories. Met Joe and working on changing my life with @dresscodeable and our work together for this amazing project.

There has been so much more over the past 10 years but I am so excited for what the next 10 will bring! I pray for marriage, children, success in my business, and love and success for all of my family and friends.



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