Top 5 Wearable Tech Trends for 2015 Growth

Eyes : Eyeables

Google Glass is probably not as popular as they had hoped,especially since the list of places they are being banned also seems to be growing. However, wearable technology over your eyes is not going anywhere, and in fact you will probably see it grow in 2015. The Oculus Rift  is another “big dog” in the world of wearable tech, with a strong foothold is the gaming world. However, gamers aside the Oculus Rifts is popping up in other places as well such as travel agencies to have tourists revel in the experience of being seaside well before their feet touch the sand. This “try before you buy” option for hotels and historic sites alike is an amazing 3D experience in which you can truly feel, just like you are there.

Ears : Earables

Musicians know the beauty of keeping an in-ear monitor for keeping with the beat of their songs, but earbuds have come a long way. There are certain devices that can now also be placed in your ear to gauge temperate and other body functions. This is a great technology for athletes who want to keep an edge on the competition not only in the game but at the gym as well. This inear technology can also be found for bluetooth functions of playing music and interacting with other fitness based apps.

Wrist: Wristables

Apple Watch has finally been announced and people are going gaga over this thing, but they are not the first in the space. Fitbit which is an activity tracker is one of the larger wrist technologies to break into the mainstream and has had widespread adoption. Pebble Smart Watch  also reached a large following through their kickstarter campaign and have adorned the wrist of many a tech guru since. WIth that said the wrist is prime real estate on your body and you can be sure that the technology to wear something there will continue to surprise and delight.

Medical Field

We have all been there. You go to the doctor and they want to draw blood. The issues arise when the nurse can not seem to find your vein. Well in 2015, in pops a wearable device in which the nurse can find that vein spot on. You will also see more Doctors wearing tech when they are performing surgeries not only for teaching purposes, but also for recording exactly what they are seeing as well as for other doctors to be on site and watch the feed in case help is needed. The health field is a perfect industry for wearable tech and I suspect we will see many more devices to come into the mainstream.

Wearable Tech Clothing: Wearable Tech / Fashion Tech

The future of fashion is here and it has technology all weaved into it. On the high end of fashion, designers are thinking up all different ways they can incorporate technology into their designs or for accessories for your tech gadgets. For instance Tory Burch has a line of jewelry to work with a fitbit.

As for clothing inclusion, Once such company is 1 Voice which offers wearable fashions that are Bluetooth enabled. Their star product being a beanie  which streams high quality music from your portable device. Created by fashion industry veterans who conspired with Bluetooth experts to make available a great new way to enjoy music with your active lifestyle. The beanie offers superior audio quality without dangling wires. Sound disks and Bluetooth receivers are built right into the beanie for unbelievable sound quality which leads to convenience and comfort without ear buds constantly falling out of your ears, or worse giving you an earache. I am happy to say this beanie is made tightly knit and double layered to keep you toasty on a chilly day which we have many of here in Chicago.

Well there you have it. 2015 is sure to be another ground breaking year in wearable tech and I can’t wait to dive into more products to test out and let you all know about!



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