Steve Harvey Fitness Challenge Four Month Success

Today marks my 4 month anniversary since taping the final episode with my Steve Harvey Celebrity Trainer Fitness Challenge team! I am happy to report I have not gained ONE OUNCE and in fact have lost more weight since the final weigh in. Losing weight for most is a very hard journey. I was lucky enough to be assigned the lovely Lacey Stone and with our local trainer Casey Morales my team and I kicked ass. Throughout the journey I had struggles with eating, the workouts, and especially not drinking. Through it all I realised losing weight is all mental and even today keeping it off has not been that much of a challenge with just making smart decisions. Below, I outlined the journey as well as the plan from Lacey. Cheers to keeping it off and making healthy life decisions.

Steve Harvey Group Photo

Team Lacey the day of our final appearance on The Steve Harvey Show

Video 1-1/7: Beginning of the journey for team Lacey, lots of motivation and chanting, exciting energy. These are the feelings you have when you start a journey, the beginning of a challenge, when everything is fresh and optimistic.

Video 2-1/12: attending second Flywheel class with Candy. Team lacey is going strong and there’s still a lot of excitement.

Video 3-1/13: Video from when I just got back from Flywheel. I said “If I didn’t lose weight there’s something wrong with me that’s for sure” because this program is so rigorous. Lots of positive and encouraging comments on Facebook that made me feel supported

 Video 4-1/13: Attended my 4th Flywheel class the classes are getting more and more intense as it goes on. Still week 1 but the excitement is slowly wearing off.

 Video 5-1/14: I had placed motivational signs and a goal sign on my desk and made a couple copies to put up around the house. Enjoying a rest day after 5 days of Flywheel in a row. Not allowed to share the results of my weight loss but slowly starting to see improvements. I had someone tell me  that I looked like I was losing weight and the positive reinforcement was really nice.

 Video 7-1/17: It is the end of week 1 and a Sunday night, I am optimistic about the week. 7 more weeks to go and I was excited about the journey ahead.

 Video 8-1/18: Week 2, everyone says they’re hurting but it feels good, this is a huge change in lifestyle and I am starting to realize how hard this will be.

 Video 9-1/20: Couldn’t make it into a Flywheel class today, so I ran 5o times up and down stairs. Lacey gave a pep talk which was much needed, our team is killing it and I needed a little extra motivation. Lacey has supplied workout videos to use at home which I plan on using and I am really excited about the food.


Video 11-1/21: This is a video of my teammate, Katie Price doing a pull up We are big on team support and anyone showing improvements is very exciting

 Video 12-1/21: This is where I finally felt like I was seeing some progress in my body. I was and still am so thankful to America for seeing us through this journey.

 Video 13-1/22: I was beginning to question how the other team could even compare to our level of dedication to these challenging workouts. Let’s see if the other team is sweating like us, that competitive spirit was super helpful to motivate.

 Video 14-1/23: Beginning of week 4, halfway through. I was very sore, Katie’s poem, “water is good, water is great, get your ass on the bike and hydrate” was making me laugh and funny moments such as these helped me get through what was slowly becoming the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

 Video 15-1/24: Today was an exciting day, the girls and I were starting to see results and everyone was super excited. Here we reveal details on what workouts we had been doing



Video 16-1/25: Brought Emily with me and she loved it. She informed America that you will lose weight at Flywheel. More people have to try this class out.

 Video 17-1/26: This is when I couldn’t sleep because I was so so hungry. Lacey says that this hungry feeling is actually the feeling you have when your stomach is getting smaller, which is really good news, but that night was not fun.

Video 19-1/28: Today I was incredibly hungry which meant my metabolism was getting better. It was time for a diet plan switch-up and I was beginning to see how important diet was to this process.

 Video 20-1/29: Here Katie Price and I were discussing the benefits of working out in the mornings versus working out in the nights. We both lead very different lives, she spends her nights taking care of her children and I spend my nights going on dates. Fitting in this crazy weight loss plan with both of our lives was an immense challenge. It required a shifting of priorities and really was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.


Video 21-1/31: Week 5, double workout, 1st hour with Candy, and then did a Flywheel class and got a 272 score, which was my best 45 minute score. I was getting better at Flywheel and my class rank was increasing. I am continuing to order from Sprig and cut down on carbs and salts. Feels like it is working, one way to get yourself in shape is to put yourself on national television and have everyone you know watch you.

 Video 22-2/1: What I have realized is that it all starts right when I wake up. In 2016 I am choosing to be motivated and focus on health and weight loss. When I first wake up I need to have a moment with myself and get ready to go. Get at it with my end goal in mind.  

Video 27-2/5: End of week 5, people are really starting to notice the weight loss, my body has made the change for the better. Weight loss makes your body start to feel so great and I first started to notice the weight loss in my fingers and boobs. I’ve been receiving lots of support from social networks and Steve Harvey TV.

 Video 30-2/8: Frustration has kicked in, I was not happy with the results of the weigh-in that day. I was really struggling. Lacey thought I was not eating enough and needed to eat more. I was experiencing feelings of frustration and calling out for support. Typically I would have been thrilled with the weight loss but I was not losing as much compared to my teammates and that was very frustrating.

 Video 34-2/11: Today was the sorest day ever in the challenge, today also happened to be a 2 workout day and I knew it would be interesting with how sore I was.

 Video 36-2/14: It was Valentine’s day and I went out with some girlfriends. I didn’t drink but it was still fun and I will be ready for the gym bright and early tomorrow. I found myself looking forward to my workouts which was crazy, I had never been excited to work out before.

 Video 37-2/17: At this point I was losing weight, feeling good, and had lots of people tell me that they were inspired by what I was doing and they are looking to lose weight as well. It takes courage to be accountable to everyone, and I was lucky to have this opportunity.

 Video 38-2/18: Here I am overly frustrated. My weight seems stuck and I had no clue what else I could do. I was eating all the right food and working out all the time but I still seemed stuck. I really wanted to meet that goal

 Video 40-2/19: Here I give you an inside look at what a Sprig delivery looks like

 Video 41-2/21: Final week of the challenge, I was really sad that it was over. I was scared about what happens when the challenge is over. I would like to continue to lose 20-25 pounds. There is a real fear on how to continue with all this. If we won the challenge, I would win some money and will use that money for paying for being healthy.

 Video 45-2/21: Almost at the finish line, reality is what’s next week? Flywheel goes away, everything goes away and I have to do it on my own and that’s when the real journey starts and I need to keep it off and keep going.

 Video 46-2/22: On our way to the final taping of the show, it was time for the final weigh-in and everyone was feeling good. We really felt like we were going to win. There were a lot of nerves in the green room after hair and makeup. But we all looked great and felt very positive about how far we had come.

 Video 47-2/23: This video was after dinner with the team. We lost, which I will never understand. But in the end we all won from this experience because we all lost weight. I know that I lost weight the healthy way and went through the best plan for me. I have changed the way I look physically and this experience changed my life.

Lacey’s Meal Plan:


 Breakfast: 3 Eggs, 1 piece of toast, olive oil with one cup of spinach- you may add some salsa or ketchup

 Snack: Bag of Nuts (I would limit to 8 nuts because a whole bag can be 1,000 calories)

 Lunch: Salad with protein – chicken, salmon, or steak (Unlimited veggies but the protein should be the size of your palm)- May add 2 tablespoons of an olive oil based dressing.

 Snack: 1 fruit with one teaspoon of almond butter or peanut butter

 Dinner: Fish & Vegetables



 Breakfast: Oatmeal with blueberries

 Snack: Apple and 1 tablespoon of PB

 Lunch: Large salad with grilled chicken, steak, or fish and an olive oil based dressing

 Dinner: Salmon with brown rice and broccoli


 Breakfast: Yogurt with two tablespoons of granola

 Snack: Banana

 Lunch: Large bowl of soup with vegetables and Protein source fish or chicken

 Dinner: Alternate between Steak & Fish


 Your Favorites from week 1 – week 3






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