Scott Campbell Interview with Jess Loren for Entrepreneur

On behalf of Hennessy V.S I was invited to attend the Hennessy Limited Edition Bottle Launch by world renowned tattoo artist, Scott Campbell with music and performance by DJ Ruckus. The interactive multi-city launch experience which first opened in Los Angeles headed to Chicago’s 1st Ward on Thursday, July 21 and I was in attendance to interview Scott for Entrepreneur live!

Scott Campbell is one of the most popular and celebrated tattoo artists on the planet. His living designs can be seen on Hollywood celebrities, rap stars, fashion mavericks, lofty intellectuals and outlaw bikers alike. He is also one of the brightest new voices in contemporary art, with groundbreaking works featured in some of the most cutting-edge galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Singapore and Tokyo.

Hennessy continues to champion artists such as Campbell, who “Never stop, Never settle.” and show an uncompromising will to succeed while pushing the boundaries of their potential. Campbell’s versatility, along with the unique attention to detail and craftsmanship he dedicates both to his artwork and his tattooing is what prompted Hennessy to invite the Los Angeles-based artist to create his own Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition design in 2016.

Check out the interview here!




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