Lincoln Park Wine Festival Chicago and Snapchat

My company, The Brandless Group, recently ran the marketing campaign for the Lincoln Park Wine Festival that was held in Jonquil Park on May 21st and 22nd. Anyone who knows me knows that my new addiction is Snapchat. I owe Evan Spiegel a hug for creating the perfect platform to express my selfies, food pics, and random thoughts. I saw this festival as the perfect opportunity to blend work with play and looked into creating a geofilter for the event.

For those who don’t know, Snapchat is a mobile application that allows the user to send pictures, videos, and messages to their friends. The content doesn’t last and disappears after an allotted amount of time. It is the perfect way to send silly pictures, videos of where you are, and quick messages to your friends. If the user really likes an image they can put it on their story where it will stay for 24 hours. Any of your friends can view your story and it offers a glimpse into what someone has done with their day. The user can play around with filters that alter their appearance, transforming you into a dog, cat, or character from an upcoming movie. Geofilters are a type of filter that display an image depicting your location. Anyone can submit a design they have created to portray a certain city or suburb. Snapchat then uses your location and lets you choose a geofilter to put over your image.

As someone who works in marketing I realize how valuable Snapchat can be for marketing events. If anyone who was at the Lincoln Park Wine Festival posted a photo with our geofilter over it they saw exactly where their friends were and hopefully wanted to join in on the fun. Because our geofilter worked as an advertisement for the Lincoln Park Wine Festival, we had to pay for the filter. I saw it as a relatively cheap and effective form of advertising that users would use as a fun way to express themselves.

After paying $265.34 for a 31 hour duration geofilter, I attended the Lincoln Park Wine Festival; indulged in some wine and got down to playing with the filter. After the 31 hours was up we received a notice that said that 833 people had used the filter and their various posts had accumulated 31465 views. Considering we paid $8.56 per hour to have this filter up, we reached a huge audience for a relatively low cost. I know I had fun using the filters (as you will see in my pictures) but I also felt good knowing people were enjoying our client’s event and using an app they enjoyed to tell their friends to join the event.

Technology’s presence in our everyday lives is already huge and seems to be growing larger everyday. Snapchat is worth an estimated 19 billion dollars and boasts over 100 million users. The users of snapchat love to show their friends where they are up to through pictures and can use geofilters as a pretty expression of their location. It wouldn’t be good business sense to not tap into the resource that is Snapchat. I look forward to creating filters for any suitable event we market for in the future.

Enjoying the delicious wine provided by the festival

Enjoying the delicious wine provided by the festival

Lincoln Park Wine Festival 2

Cheers to the weekend

Lincoln Park Wine Festival

Bottles on Bottles





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