Jess Loren and The Lacey Stone Fitness 8 Weeks To Change Steve Harvey Challenge

If you follow my life you know that I  like to get myself into some crazy things. My recent opportunity was for some of my staff to compete on the “Fresh Start Week” with a fitness face-off for the Steve Harvey Show!

Two of America’s top trainers – JORGE CRUISE and LACEY STONE – will go toe to toe to see which one of their diet plans will be most successful. Each trainer will take on a team of Chicago co-workers. Jorge’s team will incorporate diet and nutrition tips from his book “Tiny and Full” and Lacey’s team will follow the plan from her book, “8 Weeks to Change.” There’s more than just pride at stake though. The team that loses the highest percentage of body weight by the end of the challenge, will split $50,000!

Lacey Stone and Steve Harvey

Our trainer is the lovely Lacey Stone whom is a bi-coastal fitness professional and celebrity trainer, her mission is to inspire individuals to achieve optimal success in all aspects of their lives from the inside out.

She has consulted, held strategy sessions and group seminars for innovative and inspiring companies such as Nike, Google, Fitbit, Whistle Sports, Carbon38, Coca-Cola, Reebok, Dove and Nintendo Wii, and she is honored to continue to work with brands looking to make positive change in the world.

Her signature 8 WEEKS TO CHANGE program takes individuals from “I can’t” to “I can”, changing their bodies and lives forever. With a personalized food program, she is striving to inspire people to push beyond their self-imposed fitness boundaries, and to create a community where participants are challenged to unleash their inner athletes and be their best selves from the inside out.

As a bonafide fitness lover, Lacy stays agile wearing the multiple hats of trainer, group fitness instructor, television personality, magazine contributor, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

She has enjoyed frequent appearances on national news and networks, demonstrating turbo-charged fitness programs, signature workouts, and offering nutritional advice on shows from The Today Show and Good Morning America to Dr Oz and CNN.

So here is what we are up to:

Jess Loren and Lacey Stone

Jess Loren and Lacey Stone

Fitness: We have a plan outlined by Lacey that includes Flywheel as well as other high intensity videos which we will post in the coming weeks.

At Flywheel, every ride is a race to the top. Flywheel riders experience the best that modern indoor cycling technology offers. Riders can compete to set a personal best or challenge others in action-packed races that elevate every rider’s game. With integrated technology on their bikes, in the stadium, and on their website and app, they offer a truly athletic, thrilling approach to indoor cycling that helps build strength and resiliency through the power of competition.

Created by Ruth Zukerman, legendary instructor and one of the driving forces behind the indoor cycling phenomenon, Flywheel offers an unmatched competitive outlet, technology, and results.

The best part is if you download the app you will automatically be given a free credit to check out a class!

Food: We have an outlined plan from Lacey for meals each week which has some flexibility with proteins and fruits/vegetables. Following the Lacey plan some of our meals will be provided by Sprig which is an app that offers healthy, organic meals delivered in 15 minutes in select markets. We will be posting images of all the food on our social so be sure to find us with the hashtag #teamlacey

We are honored to have Lacey Stone, Flywheel and Sprig as our kick ass partners through this journey and we hope you will follow us through our 8 weeks!




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