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Back in March I said I had big news to celebrate; I think it’s time I make that announcement. The saying is “go big or go home,” well that’s how I’ve chosen to live my non-conformist entrepreneurial life. In a time of uncertainty with where I wanted to take my career, my team and I decided to join other non-conformist trail blazers. I am proud to announce that we have become Brandless Group. SocialTechPop has always been a project/company of mine with many pivots from blog/media to experiential, to a hybrid, and now I am happy to say we are back to being a blog/media. The most exciting part, we have a newly inked relationship with Entrepreneur Network. Through this partnership we plan to bring you amazing video content from other kick ass entrepreneurs and big thinkers alike.

So what is Brandless…we are experiential and digital brand builders. However, we have a big ole space to figure out and grow into whatever we wish… “go big.” When our teams joined forces, the process of looking for an office in River North became a reality and while touring spaces we fell in love with 25 W. Hubbard. I wouldn’t recommend anyone make the same choices as I have in life to just lay it all on the line, but in many cases it has worked out pretty well for me, so why not double down? We are the proud tenants of a long term lease for the entire 5th floor of the building. With that said, building out a new large ass space has it challenges and a lot of costs.

Many a day/night/weekend has been spent by my partners and me cleaning, painting, sanding, building, cussing, dreaming… at our new space. I had wanted to wait to post about my new path until the space was done but I realized it will never be complete as the very essence of what we are creating is a space to be molded by us, change with us, and be our home. Not only will our office be a great place to work and hangout, but it’s being built out as a private venue space as well in heart of the River North.

I/We couldn’t do any of this without the support of all of you… friends, family, partners. Our client partners have made the transition and we are so excited for the new journey on Hubbard St! I will continue to post updates on our build-out and you better be sure that we will be throwing one hell of an opening summer bash.

Cheers to going big and finding a new home!

Jess Loren

Jess Loren and The Brandless Team



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