Apple Cider Easy As ABC

Fall is in the air…. and with that comes all the special visits to pumpkin patches and apple picking farms.Fall Apple Cider

While I didn’t visit a traditional apple picking farm, I did go to my Aunt Ellen’s house this past weekend whom has 5 acres that includes a pond and two very special apple trees.

With my wagon in hand I headed down to the trees and picked away, all by my lonesome. If you are ever in need of some time alone I would recommend apple picking. Something about the process brought me to a zen place and was very relaxing.

With the apples back at home it was now time to make some cider.

A while back I bought a Breville juicer which was one of my better purchases for my kitchen. This thing is POWERFUL. Also, if you ever want to go on a juice diet like from the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly dead then this is your machine. When I did a juice diet I lost 12 pounds.

Back to the cider….

Well with my Breville , it was easy as most of the apples fit into the shoot without having to cut them. The larger apples were cut in halves and then put through the shoot. After feeding through the shoot you literally have juice in seconds and that’s all you have to do. EASY AS THAT.





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